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Peter DayI am a retired film & video editor with many years’ experience working on programmes for TV, the armed services, British government, Kenyan Government as well as many large companies such as Shell, BP, IBM, Glaxo, Brewers Assoc. and many more. With this brings a lot of responsibility, like bringing them in on budget, overseeing music recordings, getting the programme finished on time, dealing with the chief honchos of some of the companies.

I have lived on Crete for nearly 14 years , and have been a member of INCO for many of them.
I've been involved with, and on the committee for about 6 years (the audit committee).

During that time I have dealt with the management at Agios Nikolaos hospital on behalf of INCO, where I organized, and worked on decorating the lobby, reception, and adjoining areas and offices.

I've run the INCO photography club, organized the boules and games afternoons at Kimzu and support most of the other clubs/events that take place.

My aim is to maintain the good name of INCO that has been built up over the years. I like to see changes for the better, and not just for the sake of it, "why change something that's not broken".