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The Cultural Association of Foreigners in Lassithi

INCO is about helping you settle into your new life as quickly and easily as possible and providing an ongoing support network, including in times of crisis.

Founded in the late 1990's as a self help and social forum for expatriate women, today INCO is a non-profit organisation that seeks to bridge the gap between expats and the local community, helping your integration into the local community. We retain a strong culture of mutual support through the pooling and sharing of information affecting the lives of foreign residents on Crete.

Covid and Brexit have had a profound affect on most people's lives and many of the consequences have not been fully understood. One immediate implication is an increased awareness of vulnerability. INCO is increasing it's commitment to Care in the Community utilising it's knowledge, skills, connections and expertise to supplement the support currently available.

We recognise the importance of shared leisure activities. Recent INCO events include summer evening boat trips, our own ‘Oktoberfest’ barbeque, a late summer ‘games’ day, and a ‘home grown’ comedy evening.

We support a wide variety of self-run interest groups that meet regularly including Walking, Gardening, Photography, Knit and Natter groups, Quiz nights and Coffee mornings.

We can get access to a wide range of on-screen entertainment including films, opera, theatre and ballet, and our links to other local organisations open up opportunities in Greek dance classes, music lessons, and various traditional art and craft lessons.

INCO also gives back by organising collections of essential items for the wider local community and supporting charitable fundraising for local hospitals, our local chosen charity Crete for Life - which runs practical projects to support children and young adults made vulnerable by war, illness, abuse and social or economic poverty and exclusion.

Our Committee members have close working relationships with local and international officials so we are able to offer a wide range of information and advice on how official processes are applied locally.

Member Benefits

  • Membership of a community of 300+ expatriates from around the world
  • Regular social and cultural activity and events across Lassithi - a community of friends
  • INCO has a strong sense of community which includes pastoral support where appropriate. No member should feel alone or unsupported
  • Specialist interest groups & activities
  • Access to information covering all aspects of life on Crete
  • INCO members knowledge base and experience enables us to provide specialist advice on legal, medical, financial, social security
  • Regular updates on local community social & cultural events
  • INCO has built effective working relationships with local authorities, national and international bodies
  • Support for local charities and community events