INCO Committee

Jeannine WallerMy name is Jeannine Waller, I've lived in Crete for 5 years with my husband Gary, two dogs and five cats.
During that time I've seen INCO change to reflect Greek laws, but still remain a force for good in knitting together and supporting the international community.

A brief CV includes work in sales, public relations, both private and the NHS and the police force. A strong thread in all my roles has been communication, empathy and organisation.

I joined the police to serve and protect the most vulnerable. And lock up the bad guys. As a police officer I tutored student officers then specialised in domestic abuse and child protection. I co-ran a boxing club for young people in my spare time and challenged (and won) the Amateur Boxing Association over disability rights.

In Crete I've employed my skills to volunteer for animal welfare groups and during Brexit I assisted many people with the required paperwork as I like to keep up with Greek rules and regulations.
I speak some Greek and a little French.

I bake, I paint. I'm a Yorkshire lass so I love to chat to people.

And whilst I try not to take myself too seriously, if anyone needs assistance, I take that totally seriously and will do my utmost to find a solution.

That seems to be a good fit for what INCO represents.