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  1. Coventry City 3-3 Manchester United (2-4 on penalties):VAR intervened to deny the Sky Blues the latest of winning goals before the Red Devils triumphed in a shootout.

  2. Benjamin Netanyahu reacted with fury to reports that the Netzah Yehuda unit would be subject to US sanctions

  3. A courageous correspondent who reported from the world’s trouble spots
  4. AP photographer Matt Slocum knows his way around the bucolic Augusta National Golf Club during the week of the Masters — and it’s a difficult task with the regulations that help preserve the aura of the tournament
  5. Academics at the University of Galway found that people who take part in meetings on apps like Zoom or Teams become more fatigued when they can see themselves on screen

  6. 3.7 million homes are cold, in need of repair, or have serious hazards, analysis shows

  7. Products blamed for hundreds of thousands of blockages in sewer systems

  8. EEG monitoring showed that fatigue levels were significantly greater during the times participants could view their own image.
  9. The top of the ladder sector which is less dependent on mortgages continues to drive pricing activity, the property website said.
  10. ‘The fact that no one intervened, just shows how frightened people are to confront Islamophobic racism’